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Comments from some of our dance participants:

Comment from Joan Lundahl following the May 2014 workshop and dances:   Your comments warmed the cockles of my heart, Randy. Dancing with you and all the wonderful folks in Boise reminded me of why I started to country dance in the first place. It began in 1995 learning line dances, mixers and pattern dances at local dance halls and bars. The Boise dance community is fortunate to have such a beautiful and expansive floor at the Square Dance Hall and a DJ/ Instructor like you to get dancers of all ages involved and engaged and to keep the party going! Thanks to you and Linda Rogers for bringing us to Boise!!

 June 8, 2014 dance: Another great night with friends. Just got home and it's about 1:30. So nice to have such a large group, even in June. I Had such a good time with all of the dances. Nice to have several fun west coasts and lots of 2 steps. Thanks to all of you. You are the ones that make this dance the biggest and best every month. Randy

Britt wrote: "Thank you Randy and Linda for making this dance available to all of us. It's created great times and memories for everyone. God has given you a true gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us."

Ruth said: "We all enjoyed it tremendously! Thanks!"

Fun dance tonight, as always!  Rhonda

Had a great time with Arianna and the rest of her family at the TVCWDA dance last Saturday! Randy and Linda, you are so much fun! Nathan 3/11/12

We love the format....always learning something new, always feel like we can participate even if we are just learning the dance and it is a lot of fun when the kids can learn too. There are a lot of places to just go dance, but for those with family or still wanting to learn, this format really works. Thanks Randy and Linda for all of your hard work. Vernon 3/9/12

Hi Randy, I wanted to take a moment and tell you and Linda about how much I, personally, and Don both appreciate the effort that goes into those dances and how enriched we are to be able to attend and enjoy the festivities. Lisa 3/8/12

April 10, 2010

Thank you for putting on the Dance last girlfriend and I always have the BEST time coming to your events you and Randy make it a Fun & Eventful Evening! Last night was the Most Favorite Night of Dancing I have EVER had and I have been Country Dancing for 10 years... Thank you ! Colby

Thank you both for all the great dances!! You work so hard and should be so proud of your dances. Everyone has a great time!! Keep in touch!!!

"Randy, great dance, alot of fun. We were talking about what a wonderful atmosphere with all the kids and families.  We are very much about family, and the dance community is developing a great family at your dances. Everyone gets to dance and have fun. You are deeply appreciated by those of us who know the hard work it takes to put these dances on. Good job my friend."

I am sure your dances will continue to be a success and I wish you guys the best. You and Linda are great people that is why you have great people at your dances!!!
See you in Texas some day!

"Morning! Thanks for the super fun dance! You guys run a first class operation. Lots of effort and thought went into everything. Thanks so much! Fun for all is possible to have a good time without drinking and smoking. I especially liked the dance list on the tables and chalkboard request list. I am kicking myself for not having attended earlier. I will return and have several people that hopefully will come with me."

February 27, 2010

Everyone thought it was great!  The kids loved it just as much as the Grandma’s and Grandpa’s!  Thank you for offering a wonderful resource for our community! We look forward to doing it again!


Just got back from dancing at the TVCWDA dance, saw so many of our friends in the dance community, and so many families and kids. Seeing the kids dancing with their parents and participating is very special. We were out for the lesson and there was a baby in his daddy's arms who kept smiling at us, so cute.


January 9, 2010

Alex (2 yrs. old) went to his first dance tonight and had a blast running around and dancing. He didn't stop unless I stopped him. He was very cute flirting with Linda and I don't think too much of a problem for other people. And the best part is he was asleep before we got home and didn't wake up coming into the house.  Toni

Dear Councilman Smith,
I would like this to get out to the greater Star area.  This (country dance lessons) is preserving our heritage and great fun too.  I can tell you personally that Randy is a great instructor.  Great family fun.  
Regards, Jorge

I met Randy through the 4H.  He is a wonderful instructor.  The first time we danced it was at the Square Dance Hall way over by the airport.   Jorge

October 10

"It was WAY fun!  Thank you for all your hard work to make it happen!" Bobbi

"Great job on the dance, I wish I could have stayed longer." Jennifer

"What a great time ..Wish I lived close enough to come!" Diana

June 13, 2009:

The dance was wonderful- it is fun to hang around positive, community-supportive people, and I am proud to be associated with a group that supports dance in such a fun way. Thanks to you and Linda for the effort and time ! Kati

It was a great time! We got some good pics too! Looking forward to the next one! Cathy and Steve

Thanks you guys, you are doing a great job and I really appreciate everything you are trying to do to promote dancing and "neighborliness" in the community.

It was WAY fun! Thanks SO much Randy and Linda for all you do to promote the fun of dancing. I really appreciate you! Bobbi

Just wanted to thank you and all your volunteers and sponsors for the great job you are doing with the TVCWDA group. I appreciate all the free food, free admission, and prizes, even though I didn't win any.
I think it is cute to invite the kids to learn to dance as well.   Keep up the good work.  Sorry I don't have more time to get involved and money is tight now.  I am having to start another business so my time will go into that to try to bring in more money.
I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done.  I always have a fun time!  Toni

It was a fun time with great food. Looking forward to next month. Thanks! Debbie

May 9, 2009 Comments:
Sarah and I had a great time at your dance on the 9th. You had everything so well organized that everyone must have thoroughly enjoyed their evening of dancing. You must have worked very hard to get all those sponsors! The food was great too. With the large turnout you had we assume you didn’t lose any money. The nametags were nice for those of us who just never seem to remember names very well. 

We liked the widened variety of dancers that came. Your music selections nicely covered the needs of everyone there.

Overall, you put on one of the best dances we’ve been to lately and we look forward to coming to your future dances. Please let us know if you need any additional help.


What a great job you guys did. Man, you guys did a lot of work. Are you going to make your club official and get some Board members to help you guys out? Putting on a monthly dance is more work than most people realize!

Jennifer, Thanks very much for everything. And it was a lot of work. We are  thinking we will need more help as we go and grow. But for last night the volunteers were fantastic. Linda worked her little tail off and I am sure she is exhausted, but in a very good way and I owe all the thanks to her for the music and fliers and emails etc.

You and Linda did a great job and all who helped. It was lots of fun. Look forward to the next one! Nice to meet you all!

That was a great event Randy. Rob and I are going to have to find something similar in Portland.

Treasure Valley Country Western Dance Association, TVCWDA, Randy Lattimer, President, Boise, ID 83709 (208) 941-4853

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