PAST EVENT -June 12, 2010

Classes: Country 2-Step, Nightclub 2-Step and Waltz

Location: Boise Square and Round Dance Hall, 6534 W. Diamond, Boise

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Instructor: Joe Tschirhart

A couple of our great volunteers. Thanks Lorena and Monty! 

Michele and Joe showing us some great dance techniques. You are the best! 

We have a special event coming up on June 12. Joe Tschirhart, a 13  year UCWDC competitor will be here to share his knowledge in dance. He will be holding a country dance workshop. He has won many awards and titles in the Advanced and Showcase divisions. He specializes in Country Two Step, Night Club Two Step and West Coast Swing. He has instructed at the Los Angeles Dance Premier, Palm Springs New Years' Dance Camp and Palm Springs Summer Dance Camp. He also holds regular workshops in the Los Angeles area and has many private students. Because of his unique style, extensive knowledge and ability to convey his expertise, he is considered to be one of the top instructors in the LA area.

NEW: Workshop Schedule has been revised. Beginner Country 2-Step class and Intermediate Nightclub 2-Step class have been swapped.

Registration for all 5 Classes at the June 12 Workshop

June 1 to June 11 discounted price - $35

Day of workshop price - $40

Individual classes - $10 each


What Joe and Michele say about their beginner classes: "We know a lot of people in Boise are great dancers and feel that they would be wasting their time with the beginning classes (all in the morning), but the way we teach and promote our beginning classes here in CA, is Beginning with Advanced Technique. All of our intermediate and advanced dancers take our beginning classes and get so much out of them." 


Pre-Register for All 5 Classes until June 11

$ 35 USD

If you'd rather not use PayPal you may register by downloading a registration form and mailing it. Click on the PDF file below:

Pre-Registration Form June 12, 2010.pdf Pre-Registration Form June 12, 2010.pdf
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Country  2-Step Lesson with Joe Tschirhart.

Nightclub 2-step lesson with Joe Tschirhart at the TVCWDA 2009 Workshop. 

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