PAST EVENT - May 8, 2010 Dance
Square Dance Hall

 Below you will see videos of some of the dancing we did at the April 10, 2010 dance. We can hardly wait for the dance this Saturday. As Cef said, "Randy, great dance, alot of fun. Nancy and I were talking about what a wonderful atmosphere with all the kids and families.  We are very much about family, and the dance community is developing a great family at your dances. Everyone gets to dance and have fun. You are deeply appreciated by those of us who know the hard work it takes to put these dances on. Good job my friend."

The mixer where dancers of all ages changed partners as they danced across the floor. 

Cef taught a new line dance to the song Hick Chicks by Cowboy Troy. 

Three couples showed us what they can do in these dances: pony swing, west coast swing and country swing. Great job! 

This month we will have a demonstration by a very special couple. Come on out to watch them dance and join the fun! 

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